Someone take this post down


Someone take this post down

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mom: how r u doing in school??

me: image

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"My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness."

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"My mother has stopped reminding me to take my meds
My father has stopped checking in on me when I’m alone in my room
My therapist has stopped keeping regular appointments
My friends never text me first anymore
I haven’t gotten any better"

no one cares unless they think you’re in danger (e.m.d)

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why sleep when you can stay up late every night being sad then feel like shit the next day 

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people who type lol when theyre mad are the people you have to watch out for theyll fucking stab you in the back in a dark alley and steal your wallet whispering “lol” all passive aggressively into your ear. same goes for “lmao”. Watch the fuck out

my ex loved to do this but she was the queen of passive aggressive shit.

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How to finger a girl



1. Use your tongue

This is the best thing I have ever seen..

i will never not reblog this

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"I failed as a student.
I failed as a daughter.
I failed as a girlfriend.
I failed as a human being."

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i’m basically a clingy needy piece of shit that just wants to cuddle and to sleep and to watch stupid movies and to make out with you. oh and i also want you to play with my hair until i fall asleep

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